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This is a wiki that will document and archive all information on xenomorphs (Aliens) and the Yautja (Predators) and will put them in the right categories from film, games and comics. Film information is not to be mixed with expanded universe information such as games or comics.

The three film franchises are:

Alien: Film series about a parasitic lifeform that kills or captures anything in sight.

Predator: Film series about an alien that hunts the most dangerous prey for sport.

Alien vs Predator: Crossover series about the two aliens species who battle eachother.

Comics, Novels and Games also include the above.


This wiki was created to properly archive all info on the xenoverse, from humans to aliens and predators to space jockeys but Aliens, AVP, and Predator film information has to be separate from comics, novels and games regardless of what you view is or isn't canon, this is to keep the information clean and simple and avoid confusing people who have only seen the films or just one of the franchises. It is also useful to those who prefer to edit what they like best, either the aliens, predators or both.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Engineer Dome
    created by Mr.Scryer.
    New page: Add a photo? The Engineer Dome is the strange structure that? is on LV-223. They are filled with many cave-like passage ways and there are chambers...
  • new page Pyramid (Alien vs. Predator)
    created by Mr.Scryer.
    New page: The pyramid was a shifting structure that was used to hunt xenomorphs. According to Sebastian, the pyramid would should shift after every ten...
  • edit Character Infobox
    edited by God Predator diff
    Added category: Information boxes

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  • new page Character Infobox
    created by God Predator
    New page: {{{name}}} {{[[Template:Biographical information|Biographical information]]}} {{[[Template:|]]}} {{[[Template:|]]}}...
    Added categories: Infoboxes, Templates
  • edit Wolf
    edited by Mr.Scryer. diff
    Edited the section: Events of Aliens vs predator: requiem
  • new page Hive
    created by Mr.Scryer.
    New page: Add a photo A Hive is the place where aliens make their nest and where they take hosts. It is made up of the resin that the aliens produce and it is...
  • new page Plasma Pistol
    created by Mr.Scryer.
    New page: Add a photo The Plasma Pistol is a predator weapon that fires powerful bolts of plasma, which can either be fired straigth or in arcs. ...
  • new page Wolf
    created by Mr.Scryer.
    New page: Add a photo Wolf was a veteran predator who picks up a distress signal from the crashed predator ship. Wolf proceeds to suit up and travels to earth....
  • edit Scar
    edited by Mr.Scryer. diff
    Edited the section: Events of AVP
  • edit Scar
    edited by Masked Midnight X diff
    Added photo:

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